What is investment management?

Investment management involves creating a strategy to manage an individual’s investment portfolio and other financial assets for both short-term and long-term growth, depending on a client’s specific requirements. A key focus is to meet the investment goals of the client such as financial freedom during retirement or receiving a regular income.

Do you require a professional investment manager?

People choose to invest with atomos for a variety of reasons. For many, the motivation is to use investing to create a secure financial future for themselves and their families. There are often specific points along their investment journey, such as generating funds for education, property or travel as well as providing for unexpected financial expenses at any stage of life.

Whatever your reasons for investing, we can help you reach your financial destination with our expertise in investment management. Understanding what is important to you is at the heart of the investment portfolio we will build. That’s why the starting point is a discussion with one of our investment managers where you can tell us about your financial situation, priorities, life goals and attitude to financial risk.

Our sharp focus on meeting real-world objectives appeals to a wide range of investors from individuals and couples to large families with assets held in different structures, including pensions and trusts as well as settlements of all kinds. They are attracted to the combination of our investment skills and high standards of service.

Are your investments right for you?
Ask one of our experts for help with your investments during a free, no obligation video or phone consultation.

How we can help you:

  • Personal management of your diversified investment portfolio

  • Asset allocation review to align with your financial goals

  • Expert investment managers

  • Investment strategies to address  your specific circumstances and objectives

  • Consideration of your preferred level of investment risk

  • Hands-on investment team to support you


Our investment management process


Managing your investment portfolio

We believe in managing diversified portfolios that offer access to the broadest set of investment opportunities across all asset classes and global regions. Through an active approach, we are able to navigate the continuously changing financial conditions in the world economy and adapt to the shifting investment environment.

atomos has a strong investment culture with a clearly defined philosophy and process. When building your portfolio, we draw on the firm’s extensive resources and expertise, with experienced teams working across asset allocation, investment selection and risk management.

We don’t believe in gut feel or hunches and all investment management decisions must be based on rigorous evidence-based research to increase reliability and provide peace of mind to our clients. Investing is more than choosing the right companies, it’s also about paying the right price for them.

Planning your investment journey

What can you expect from as your atomos investment manager? In the first instance, a portfolio designed to meet your specific circumstances and objectives as well as a range of other issues – including how much financial growth you would like to achieve and your appetite for risk to any specific requirements, such as the need for a regular income. We can also incorporate ethical and socially responsible investing into portfolios so your investments respect your personal values.

We believe effective communication is important and aim to provide information about your investments that is timely and well-presented. Regular portfolio valuations are designed to be clear and transparent, and you can access your investment account online at any time.

Whether you are investing for the first time, looking for an alternative to your current investment manager or thinking about consolidating your existing investments, we are here to help.

Clients can access a range of well-researched funds at an affordable price.
Haig Bathgate, Head of Investments

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The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.