How do we help charities?

Charity trustees come to atomos for a combination of our investment expertise, our personal service and our experience of the charity sector. From national charities to local grass roots organisations, we recognise that every charity is different and we take great care in understanding the unique story, mission and requirements of each charity we work with.

Our charity team will:

  • guide you through the complex investment world to help you pursue your charity’s mission;

  • seek to form a long-term partnership with your charity to help wherever we can along your investment journey;

  • help you structure or maintain an effective investment policy;

  • safeguard and grow your charity’s capital and income;

  • ensure that you are invested in assets that are aligned with your values.

What makes a good charity investment policy statement?
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What’s special about our charity service?

The genuine partnerships we share with our charity clients expand far beyond investment management. Many of our own portfolio managers and senior staff members are trustees of charities themselves, and we have an extensive network of donors, trustees and philanthropists who we work with on a regular basis. We know the world of charities thoroughly, from the legal obligations of trustees to the best ways to support fundraising - our charity clients tend to work with us not just as portfolio managers, but as active supporters in their endeavours.

How do we help charities to invest?

The first step in establishing a working relationship with atomos is to discuss and define your charity’s investment policy. From there we form a portfolio of suitable investments carefully crafted to match your charity’s requirements.
We know that income can be particularly important to some charity clients when it comes to paying out grants, while others might be in need of long-term capital growth to fund a particular project. Whatever your requirements, our breadth of service and expertise can ensure you follow the right path.

What is our investment approach?

atomoos has a strong investment culture with a clearly defined philosophy and process. When building portfolios, we draw on the firm’s extensive resources and expertise, with experienced teams working across asset allocation, investment selection and risk management.

Ultimately, we understand just how important it is that charity portfolios meet their targets through careful and rigorous investment management. This focus on delivering reliable performance is reflected in our investment principles.


Our investment principles

  • Realistic - We protect and grow portfolios by focusing on realistic long-term goals and avoiding unnecessary risk.

  • Flexible - We know that a charity’s circumstances can change and our personalised service allows us to respond promptly.

  • Efficient - We believe the price we pay for investments has a meaningful bearing on overall returns.

  • Robust - Our evidence-based investment framework means all our decisions are based on rigorous analysis.

  • Transparent - We believe we should be able to explain our investment decisions clearly so that everyone can understand how we are managing their money. 


How can we invest your money ethically?

Many of our charity clients reflect their ethical values within their investments, thereby aligning their portfolio with their own endeavours. This also serves to manage the reputational risks associated with holding investments that contravene their charitable objectives.

Our ethical service is highly bespoke, allowing clients to avoid any sectors or business activities they choose, as well as to direct their investments towards companies that are enacting positive social and environmental change.

Learn more about how we can help you create an investment strategy that reflects your charity's ethical values.
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How will we work with you?

Our national network of portfolio managers allows us to work flexibly and closely with your trustees, providing guidance on your portfolio’s ongoing suitability, reporting on the performance of the investment strategy we have undertaken and discuss any further ways in which we can support the trustee board.
These face-to-face meetings are just one part of our service and will be supported by virtual meetings when the need arises. We also believe strongly in the quality and clarity of our reporting. We offer a range of communications and digital account services to ensure you understand how we are managing your portfolio.


A final word: our values

At atomos we have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. We are active members of the communities in which we operate, donating our resources, time and expertise to support people in need around the world.

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